Wilson West Livesay Advertising

Complex Problem Solving
Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Situation—WWL was asked to provide copy, design and logistics for a print-on-demand collateral program for a national network of affiliates to roll out the company’s nationwide Superior Service Guarantee. The collateral would use the client’s new look and branding, but it also had to be flexible in imagery and copy so that each affiliate could best target it’s own, local real estate market. Production was to accommodate just-in-time, print-on-demand delivery of limited quantities through an internet-based system. The objective of the program was to help hundreds of geographically diverse affiliates launch the Guarantee simultaneously and consistently, with all materials able to be tailored to individual markets, yet compliant with local regulations.

Actions—WWL worked with this $2 billion company and a centrally based, U.S. digital printer that was linked to provide Internet ordering. The agency designed and produced multiple pieces of collateral including posters, brochures, postcard mailer, etc. targeted to the mortgage title industry. The collateral was designed so that the affiliates could select certain components in a grid to create highly customized materials. Choices included three different copy versions, two languages (Spanish/English), three brand logos and six different customer demographic visuals. Imagery could be easily swapped out to better reflect specific U.S. markets and customer types. In addition, regional agents’ variable data could be incorporated without diminishing the brand and the system was easily scalable as the parent company acquired new businesses.

Results—The system was up and running within three months of project initiation, allowing our client to launch its Service Guarantee program efficiently and consistently, coast-to-coast on a single day. In the first two months of the program, over 200 affiliate offices were utilizing these tools and over three million pieces of collateral had been ordered through the program. The affiliates were able to take advantage of professionally designed and written materials, customized to their local needs while also realizing the added benefit of total volume print pricing. This highly successful concept was expanded over the next year to become the company’s intranet-based brand—a single source for advertising, custom collateral, promotional items, and trade show support for the company’s offices and agents throughout the US.

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