Wilson West Livesay Advertising

Increased Sales
ProEthic Pharmaceuticals

Situation—In 2006, ProEthic Pharmaceuticals, a young, fast-growing specialty pharma company in Montgomery, Alabama, faced the daunting task of launching twelve prescription formulas. Its small but dynamic sales force would sell these products in the cough-cold and muscle relaxant categories.

Actions—WWL provided product positioning, concepts, and logos; wrote, designed and printed sales aids, sample boxes and convention displays; designed trade dress, product letterhead, and rebate coupons; and provided digital files and other support to the training department for all twelve products launched in ’06.

Results—WWL, with its clarity of purpose, provided big medical agency work and an exceptional level of support at a reasonable cost—savings that were greatly appreciated by a very lean marketing department. And with its clarity of thinking, the agency utilized its insight and understanding of the respiratory/pain business to create attention-getting sales aids and support materials that helped grow ProEthic’s sales from $18.5M to $29.6M in 2006, an increase of 60%.

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