Wilson West Livesay Advertising

Client focus.
This is about your business, and making its success easier to attain.

Simply put, we make our clients’ jobs easier. They know they can hand off a project and refocus their efforts on other aspects of their multi-faceted jobs, without a lot of handholding. In today’s corporate world, that translates to fewer meetings and more productive office hours.

At WWL, we strive to make every client feel valued. And quite often, they return the favor. Here’s what some of our fans have to say about us:

“You really make my life easier!!”

“It’s partners like WWL that are hugely responsible for our success.”

“It’s a great comfort to know that your team handles this without much input or attention from me.”

“WWL is a key partner of ours, and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your being part of our marketing team.”

“You guys rock.  If creative director cloning becomes legal, I may ask you for a skin scraping.”

“By the way, I can’t say this enough . . . THANK YOU for all you guys do to help us keep our heads screwed on straight.  What would we do without you?  I’m so impressed with the level of work and service we get from everyone there.”

“My thanks to WWL for your creative ideas and working with me on this project.  It reinforced again why I look to WWL to do our really high-quality, creative pieces.”

“Thanks for all the extra effort you guys gave to produce all the materials for the first quarter promotions for (five products).  There was a massive amount of material produced on some very tight schedules. Thanks to all your extra efforts, we have already gotten off to a great year.”

“It’s terrific that our clients see you guys as just an extension of our team.”

“Congratulations are in order!  The program that you have put together … has been well organized, properly documented, creative, on target and extremely impressive if I may selfishly say so.”